4K Modular Monitors

 4K Modular Monitors

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Part NumberSizeInputProduct Info
U156Axxx 15"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  coming soon
U270Axxx 27"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click Here
U320Axxx 32"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click Here
U400Axxx 40"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click Here
U430Axxx 43"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click Here
U500Axxx 50"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click here
U550Axxx 55"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click Here
U650Axxx 65"  Modular: Composite/Component, HDMI, SDI  Click Here

*SDI available in 3G & 12G; Ethernet and Audio Output also available as options

Designs and Specifications subject to change without notice